How Hosting Promo Codes Can Help You With Link-Building (Seriously!)

6 Absolutely Essential Link-building Principles

Links from other websites — aka ‘backlinks’ — are essential for generating traffic. Not only do they send people to your site directly, but they also increase your ranking in search engines. Therefore unless your operating some exclusive invite-only members club, backlinks will be critical to your success. Here are six principles to keep in mind when generating backlinks.

Offer Free Hosting Coupon Codes

If your readership is other website owners that want to create successful online businesses, one way you can give back to them is to give them a custom webhost coupon code. Or, you could give them a VPS hosting coupon code if you think they’re hardcore power users. Frequently hosting companies will partner with website owners and offer a distinctive code. When people sign up with this coupon, it’ll be credited as a sale to you, and you’ll receive a commission from it. So your readers benefit, you benefit, and the hosting company will benefit.

Produce good content

Everyone is sick of hearing the phrase “content is king,” but that doesn’t make it any less true. The number-one principle for getting backlinks, above all else, is to have content…
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