Kona Coffee and Credit Cards: How to Boost Customer Engagement this Father’s Day

Dads around the world deserve to be celebrated, and American dads are no different. Father’s Day is coming soon, so it’s the perfect time to improve customer relations across generations with some dad-friendly deals. Even credit card companies offer sign up incentives that can be quite enticing around Father’s Day. Credit Card Sir has a round up of all the offers available.

For the Coffee-Loving Family

For most adults, Father’s Day is for setting aside some ‘quality time’ for them and their old man to spend together, which can be a rare occurrence in a busy, modern life. You can make your coffee shop or cafe the number one destination for catching-up with minimal effort, by offering deals for dads.

If your dad is a coffee connoisseur, then maybe try an exotic blend of coffee like organic kona coffee. These beans are prized around the world and will show your father that he only deserves the best.

The most simple of these offers is ‘Dads Drink Free’, where you offer any dad – accompanied by a paying offspring¬†– a free hot drink of their choice. For something more involved, order some professionally-printed gift vouchers for your customers to purchase that they could tuck inside a Father’s Day card. For a fun, promotional twist, you could print “Coffee IOUs”, which customers could give to their father in lieu of a card.

For the Distance Dad

Not all families live in the same neighbourhood, especially if someone has moved away for work or retirement. You can help your customers feel close to their dads, while spreading some coffee-related goodness, even if you only have one local cafe.

Creating a gift set for events like Father’s Day can be minimal effort, and minimal cost, if you plan ahead and keep things simple. Even if you just offer a small paper bag of your signature beans for purchase, decorated for the occasion, customers will still appreciate the chance to share their love of your coffee with someone special to them.

For the Non-Conventional Dad

For some, Father’s Day can be a particularly difficult time; if customers are estranged from their father, or their father is deceased, they may take to avoiding your shop (and any other shop pushing Father’s Day too heavily) completely.

It is worthwhile making it clear, perhaps in some lighthearted small print, that for the purpose of your Father’s Day offers you will consider all types of dads – from single mums, to uncles, to foster fathers. A touching way to celebrate dads, both conventional, different, and no longer with us, is to create a mood board (think a cork notice board, with a central theme stuck to it) and invite customers to share photos and memories on it – even children’s “artistic interpretations” of their dads drawn in crayon.

Coffee shops and cafes rely on a community building around them, and engaging in national events like Father’s Day is a good way to generate a customer community and a sense of brand loyalty. Creating genuine, heartfelt, seasonal offers that encourage customers to spend time in your shop¬†without the cheesiness or harsh sales angle is a great way to encourage repeat visits – and maybe gain some new ‘dad’ customers!