Use GoDaddy Coupons To Start Your Home-Based Business Today.

Now that Squidoo is gone, fellow entrepreneurs who used to write for the platform are starting to realize the true value in setting up your own platform to launch your own business. But what kind of business to start? First off, here’s some tips for setting up your own self-hosted website (once you decide on your idea, that is!):

Set up a GoDaddy Website Quickly Using Promo Codes:

You can set up a website on any hosting provider. GoDaddy is the biggest, so we figure that they would be the most relevant for the largest number of you. Registering a domain name, buying hosting and installing WordPress can all be done in a few minutes. But if you’re a new customer to GoDaddy, then you’ll want to use some GoDaddy promo codes that can you up to 90% off new products: For Hosting Coupons: CouponLynx – homepage For SSL Coupons: For Renewal coupons (existing customers): Ready? Here’s where you can sign up to get your website going:

5 Home-Based Businesses That Work

  For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, a home-based business can be rewarding in many ways. The ability to set your own hours, be your own…
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How Coupon Codes Can Ease Millennials’ Money Stressors

Taking the Stress Out of Young Adults’ Finances

A recent article points out that millennial women are stressing out about their financial situation. Over 50% of participants who took part in a survey conducted by the Bustle website say they do not talk about their finances with other people. Twenty-eight percent of the participants acknowledge that they worry about money all the time. This fear is a sad state of affairs because a person’s financial status should empower her, not intimidate her.

Learn to Love Coupon Codes Websites

What if I told there was a way to save at least 10% off everything you buy online, and it cost nothing at all? It sounds too good to be true, but coupon codes websites like offer promo codes for nearly every kind of online purchase you can think of, and it’s absolutely free to visit and use. If you’re UK-based, then try out a uk coupon website like DiscountGo. Managing money is not something most young women learn from their families or school. This gap in their knowledge base is keeping them up at night. BMO Wealth Management asked over 1,000 Millennials what their biggest stress factor was, and 65%…
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How Hosting Promo Codes Can Help You With Link-Building (Seriously!)

6 Absolutely Essential Link-building Principles

Links from other websites — aka ‘backlinks’ — are essential for generating traffic. Not only do they send people to your site directly, but they also increase your ranking in search engines. Therefore unless your operating some exclusive invite-only members club, backlinks will be critical to your success. Here are six principles to keep in mind when generating backlinks.

Offer Free Hosting Coupon Codes

If your readership is other website owners that want to create successful online businesses, one way you can give back to them is to give them a custom webhost coupon code. Or, you could give them a VPS hosting coupon code if you think they’re hardcore power users. Frequently hosting companies will partner with website owners and offer a distinctive code. When people sign up with this coupon, it’ll be credited as a sale to you, and you’ll receive a commission from it. So your readers benefit, you benefit, and the hosting company will benefit.

Produce good content

Everyone is sick of hearing the phrase “content is king,” but that doesn’t make it any less true. The number-one principle for getting backlinks, above all else, is to have content…
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